Thursday, November 18, 2010

LXX Article in the Reif Festschrift

A festschrift for Stefan Reif is about to be published:

'From a Sacred Source': Genizah Studies in Honour of Professor Stefan C. Reif. Cambridge Genizah Studies Series, Volume 1. Edited by B.M. Outhwaite and S. Bhayro. Leiden: Brill, 2011.

I mention it here because one of the articles deals with a subject of continuing interest for this blog.

Judith Olszowy-Schlanger, "An Early Palimpsest Scroll of the Book of Kings from the Cairo Genizah."

For previous posts on the LXX materials from the Cairo Genizah, see here, and follow the links back. I assume the article by Olszowy-Schlanger deals with the Aquila fragments of Kings first published by F. C. Burkitt.