Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hendel Responds to Williamson

A while back, several blogs noted the critique of the Oxford Hebrew Bible published by H.G.M. Williamson.

I have just noticed that Ron Hendel, the editor-in-chief of the OHB (who has received some attention recently for other things), has written a response to Williamson. It is not in print yet--it is labeled as "forthcoming", but I don't see which journal will publish it. Nevertheless, you can read it, along with a few other articles about the project, here.

As a side note ("in the interest of full disclosure"), Hendel informs us that he had asked Williamson to edit Isaiah for OHB, but Williamson had "politely declined" (p. 1 n. 1). The editors of Isaiah listed here are J.J.M. Roberts and Eugene Ulrich.

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