Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Allan McNicol Has Been Here

It's already been a couple of weeks since we had this year's JPL lectures with Allan McNicol, and I have failed to reflect on them. We enjoyed the day a great deal, but unfortunately Dr. McNicol's duties in Austin prevented his staying with us any longer than about 24 hours.

You can see his two main academic lectures at the following links. They were very well received. He also did a lunch-time chat about his own academic and spiritual life and took questions from the assembled students, faculty, and guests during that time. I was glad to get to know Dr. McNicol and I look forward to seeing him again in Chicago at the SBL meeting.

Jack P. Lewis Lectures 2012 at Heritage Christian University

Allan McNicol, "The Master Story of Scripture"

Lecture 1: The Preservation of God's Endangered Promises

Lecture 2: The Renewal of Hope in the Fulfillment of God's Endangered Promises

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