Wednesday, March 19, 2014

De Lange Reviews My Book

I was glad to see a review of my book by Nicholas de Lange in the latest issue of the Journal of Ecclesiastical History. It's especially exciting because de Lange is one of the scholars whose work I most engage in this book, so I was excited to see what he would say.

So, what does he say? It's a pretty appreciative review, though he does confess himself unconvinced by some of my criticisms of his own work. I am thankful for the interaction. I won't nitpick the review; you can read it yourself, and then, of course, read my book, as well (as if you haven't already!). Here's how de Lange concludes:
Notwithstanding these points, and some others on which I do not feel able to agree, this is an original and critical study of a complex and important subject, and one which deserves to be taken seriously. 

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