Monday, February 20, 2012

Blog Changes

Some will notice several significant changes about this blog. For one thing, there's content. More on that in a minute. Also, I have updated the look of the blog quite a bit.

As for the new look, I'll tell you why I did that--I figured out how. I'm not very tech savvy (understatement!). I have a phone that is capable of (1) actually making a phone call and (2) sending a text. I have never sent a text, and I'm wondering if I can get a phone that wont do that. It's annoying to receive texts. Actually, I'd like to get rid of the phone altogether, but my wife wont let me. Anyway, so I'm not tech savvy; thus it took me a while (4 years or so) to figure out how to change the look of the blog and add features, such as a blogroll, that you now see down the right column. I hope the new look makes for a more pleasant experience with this blog.

Now for the content. If you peruse the archives, you'll notice that Feb. 2012 has seen an explosion of posting on this blog in comparison with what I've done over the past couple of years. In all of 2011, I had one post, in January. In 2010, there were three months in which I posted something, for a total of seven posts. In 2009, I had two posts, both in October. The high year for this blog all time in terms of number of posts was 2008, with 17 posts. In April 2008, I had six posts, the high month.

This post represents number nine for 2012, and number nine for February. So, this is already the new high month, and 2012 is well on its way to a new high year for this blog. The reason I've been posting more things is because Charles Halton has shown me the light. I knew that blogging could be valuable to one's scholarly profile, but Charles' post still opened my eyes.

Also, I've seen the value of this blog as an outlet for my ill-formed ideas, ones that I don't have the time or inclination to develop fully, but ones that I still want to note and remember. So, hopefully, this blog will continue to feature new content, especially of the weird ideas about biblical studies and patristics that pop into my head. But I also plan on posting more significant and thought-out articles arising from my research.

So, happy reading, and do let me know what you think. 

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