Friday, February 17, 2012

Graduate Seminars

Mark on your calendars Wednesday 29 February, when the graduate program of Heritage Christian University will convene its first of four graduate seminars for this semester. It'll be during lunchtime (11:30-1:00), and the lunch will be complimentary for those who attend.

I'll be presenting a paper at this first seminar. It's actually the same paper I noted here, which I will be presenting at SECSOR two days later.

The plan is to hold these seminars every two weeks on Wednesdays during lunch for the rest of the semester. Brad McKinnon will present some of his research on Churches of Christ in Vietnam at the second seminar, and then Jeremy Barrier will present some recent research on The Acts of Paul and Thecla (on which he has written a commentary), and then I'll present another paper (my NAPS paper) to close out the semester. Hopefully next year we will continue these seminars, and maybe we can get some of our graduate students involved, presenting their original research that forms part of their theses.

The format will be something like this: at 11:30 we'll eat, at about noon I'll present a paper for about 25 minutes, and then we'll have 30 minutes or so for discussion.

These seminars are open to everyone, including local ministers, but graduate students are especially encouraged (and, perhaps in the future, required) to attend. What could be better?--free lunch, dissemination of knowledge, discussion about the Bible and its reception.

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