Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Book Is Out!

As I returned from lunch and picked up my mail at school, my six copies of Hebrew Scripture in Patristic Biblical Theory: Canon, Language, Text (Brill, 2012) were waiting for me. The Brill webpage has now changed its status from "forthcoming" to "new title", so it is officially out! (Amazon still says "May 2012".)

The six copies are the total amount that I receive from Brill, other than that I now get an author discount on Brill books, which is a pretty nice benefit. Now I've got to figure out who should receive one of my copies as a gift.

I think later on--later in the week, perhaps, or next week--I'll do a post or two about my book, how I got the idea to work on this topic, and where my research led me. It was originally a dissertation done at Hebrew Union College (Cincinnati) under Adam Kamesar and Richard Sarason. They both get copies. :)

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