Friday, April 6, 2012

Upcoming Projects

Whew, glad to be done with the order of the Hagiographa. (I bet you are, too!) Well, I'm not really done with it, but no need to post anything else on it for a while. I got what I needed out of the series. Time to turn to other things. Here's what I'll be working on over the next several months.

(1) I'll continue to give consideration to Chronicles' position within the canon. I haven't quite polished my paper on that to a point where I'm happy with it.

(2) Jerome's translation of Tobit and Judith will occupy my attention over the next several weeks as I prepare a paper for the NAPS conference upcoming at the end of May.

(3) I'll also be doing some research on Jerome's translations of both Chronicles and Ezra-Nehemiah for a small role that I'll be playing in an exciting project about which I'll probably have more to say later in the year.

(4) One of the papers I'll present at this year's SBL meeting in November concerns the term 'apocrypha' in Latin writers of the fourth and fifth centuries (abstract). I'm looking forward to doing more research on that.

(5) The other paper I'll present at the SBL covers patristic interpretation of Matt. 23:35 // Lk. 11:51 (abstract). This arises from my interest in the position of Chronicles within the canon, or rather, perhaps the reverse is the case. At any rate, the Fathers never related Matt. 23:35 to the contours of the Hebrew Bible, for several reasons, one of which is that many of them did not see the name "Zechariah" in 2Chron. 24:20-22. They instead saw the name "Azariah" in their LXX.

(6) I need to do start putting together some notes on the early Christian canon lists. I've mentioned a desire to blog through the canon lists of the first four centuries CE. This would help me with a project that I've had in mind for some time.

(7) The last chapter of my forthcoming book deals with the way ancient Jewish and Christians thought about the text of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. I would like to continue to research this.

That's all I can think of right now. Should be fun!

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