Friday, August 10, 2012

συναγωγή & ἐκκλησία in the Bible

You know how I like to see the use of a particular word throughout the Bible, even at the very basic level of where it shows up (example here). This post is a bare-bones example of that.

200x in LXX of protocanonicals
--136x in Pentateuch (2x in Deut.)
--21x in History Books (1x in Chronicles—2Chron. 5:6, never Ezra-Nehemiah)
--12x in Psalter
--2x in Prov.
--1x in Job
--28x in Prophets
28x in OT ‘apocrypha’ (= 'LXX plus', including deuterocanonicals, but more besides)
56x in NT
--only 5 of these are not in Synoptics and Acts
--2 in John (6:59; 18:20)
--2 in Revelation (2:9; 3:9)
--once in reference to a Christian assembly (James 2:2; also uses ἐκκλησία 5:14)

77x in LXX of protocanonicals
--9x in Pentateuch, all in Deut.
--10x in Deut. Hist.
--32x in Chronicles
--11x in Ezra-Nehemiah (neither term—συναγωγή or ἐκκλησία—occurs in 1Esdras)
--10x in Psalter
--1x in Prov.
--1x in Job
--3x in Prophets
26x in OT ‘apocrypha’
114x in NT
--3x in Matthew (16:18; 18:18 twice)
--3x of a ‘mob’ (Acts 19:32, 39, 40)

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