Friday, August 31, 2012

Reading Scripture for the Church

That title describes this stimulating post by Derek Olsen, who tells us why Christians should read scripture with the Church Fathers, and, more importantly, how we can imitate their reading habits. There are several good passages in the post. Here is one of them, to whet your appetite:
We do need to be reading more of the fathers. But we also need to be reading them in the right way. I put Paul and the fathers in the same category in terms of how they need to be read. Sometimes they teach us by what they say in the decisions they come to. But other times they teach us because of the ways that they show us to think. Paul has given us a treasure in First Corinthians; while it may not wrestle with justification like Romans or present a grand vision of the church like Ephesians, First Corinthians shows us a master edifier working through the practical problems of the local church in light of the resurrection and the Scriptures. We need to learn from his example, not just his conclusions. The same is true of the fathers – we need to learn from their examples, not just their conclusions.

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